Wieder 2 White Marlin auf Pesca Grossa und auf einigen anderen Booten, sowie viele Albacore Tunas!

…Es ist unglaublich wieviele Fische sich vor Madeira tummeln…
Deshalb poste ich hier die original Nachricht von Pesca Grossa:
„We saw 23 Billfish today. 17 White Marlin, 4 Blue Marlin and 2 really nice Long Bill Spearfish. Had 8 White and 1 Blue up on the teaser but we were unable to switch out the fly to any. Saw a 700 # Blue swim under the rigger and missed 2 others on the bite. Pulled hooks near the boat on the 4 th Blue. Ended up releasing 2 Whites that hooked up on the large Blue Marlin lures. Most boats caught Whites today“